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Lawrence Gipe

One Picture and the Next Three

January 9–February 10, 2007

Lawrence Gipe One Picture and the Next Three (2007)
Lawrence Gipe One Picture and the Next Three (2007)
Iran, 1946 (2006)
Lombardsbrucke, 1938 (2006)
Palestine, 1946 (2006)
Saudi Arabia, 1948 (2006)

Press Release

Alexander Gray Associates

In One Picture and the Next Three, Lawrence Gipe re-represented four archival photographic images as oil paintings, continuing his strategy of severing historical images from their original, politically-charged contexts. The "Next Three” paintings are sourced from a compilation of photographs by David Douglas Duncan called Yankee Nomad. Famous for his association of Picasso in the 50’s, Duncan’s lesser-known journalistic corpus for Life magazine from 1945 – 1949 was a sweeping document of Europe, the Middle East and Indonesia in transition just after World War Two; in the narrative sections of Yankee Nomad, Duncan casts himself as a jaunty American witnessing the final gasps of the old British and French colonial powers dissolving while the United States simultaneously prepares to step into the role of dominant world power.