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Betty Parsons



II Oglala, 1979, Acrylic on wood

II Oglala, 1979

Acrylic on wood

31h x 33w x 16d in (78.74h x 83.82w x 40.64d cm)

Wood-Wings, 1973, Acrylic on wood

Wood-Wings, 1973

Acrylic on wood

11.50h x 16.38w in (29.21h x 41.59w x 1.91d cm)

Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NY

Punch and Judy Theater, 1975, Acrylic on wood

Punch and Judy Theater, 1975

Acrylic on wood

8h x 9.50w x 6.50d in (20.32h x 24.13w x 16.51d cm)

House Store, 1977, Acrylic on wood

House Store, 1977

Acrylic on wood

18.56h x 15.19w x 1.50d in (47.14h x 38.58w x 3.81d cm)

Collection of Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art, NY

African Village, 1981, Wood, paint, and hardware

African Village, 1981

Wood, paint, and hardware

13h x 21w x 4.75d in (33.02h x 53.34w x 12.07d cm)

Wheel of Fun, 1970, Acrylic on wood

Wheel of Fun, 1970

Acrylic on wood


Flying Duck, 1981, Wood, paint, and hardware

Flying Duck, 1981

Wood, paint, and hardware

34h x 20w x 2d in (86.36h x 50.80w x 5.08d cm)