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Ronny Quevedo's one-person exhibit, Home Field Advantage, presented at the Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education, Bronx, NY.

The institution's press release follows:

Casita Maria is proud to present Bronx-based artist Ronny Quevedo’s solo exhibition Home Field Advantage, curated by Christine Licata. On view are recent works that explore the psychological and emotional dimensions of time, space and place. His mixed-media drawings and sculptures of public and private sites create a visual language for “lived” experience of geography and architecture, incorporating unexpected, eclectic materials including contact paper and drywall, to rare materials such as gold leaf. Quevedo’s work explores the aesthetics of remembering as well as the physicality and spatial boundaries of memory. A place where time is measured not in months, days or years but in shape, form, construction, reaction, experience, beliefs and emotions.

The title of the exhibition, Home Field Advantage, is taken from the sports term that describes the perceived sense of leverage and strength that territorial ownership and belonging have upon athletes’ performance when competing in their home playing fields and stadiums. Also known as “psychogeography,” these effects of the geographical environment (consciously or not) on the emotions and behavior of individuals is an underlying influence in Quevedo’s practice. In addition, these fields of play are seen as “socially constructed places” in which actions are marked by universally agreed upon, precise measurements and guidelines as well as fixed and negotiable rules that are embedded within both the architecture and the players.