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Luis Camnitzer

Luis Camnitzer is included in a group exhibition, BoriGuay: Off the Grid, at The Clemente Center's LES Gallery in New York.

 The Clemente Center's press release follows:

BoriGuay: Off the Grid at LES Gallery is organized within the annual Bormix Festival's main exhibition, 'BoriGuay: El Cinturón del Sur.' Featuring artists such as Luis Camnitzer, Gabo Camnitzer, G. Rosa-Rey, and Liliana Farber, all based in New York City. This exhibition's title, "Off The Grid," signifies more than symbolism. It encapsulates the essence of the show, mirroring the artists' defiance of established boundaries, a core theme of the exhibition that challenges conventional territorial notions. By exploring societal systematizations and their influence on our relationship with the land, this exhibition dives into abstraction, innovative technologies, humor, and profound collective inquiries. These works transcend the ordinary, offering fresh perspectives on boundaries and perceptions of things we coin as natural.