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Coco Fusco

Coco Fusco, 2018. Photo: Ross Collab

Coco Fusco in conversation with artists Tamy Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi about book-making and their monographs Text Book and Archive at Amant in Brooklyn, New York.

The insitution's press release follows: 

Editor and writer Yasmeen ​Siddiqui, founder of Minerva Projects, presents Project 3: Tamy Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi.

Artists Tamy Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi engage in an intimate and honest conversation that launches their two-part monograph Text Book and Archive published by Minerva Projects. Book contributor and past professor of Miki and Tamy, Coco Fusco talks with them about the book-making process and the artists’ longstanding relationship. Together, they will reflect on and introduce topics that jostle between Tamy’s absurdist performances that conflate subjects to unravel core emotional, social, and hierarchical formulations embedded within contemporary US culture and Miki’s iconic, probing paintings that construe the specificity of humanity and memory.