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Polly Apfelbaum

Tie Up, Draw Down, CCCD, installation view (2017)

Polly Apfelbaum included in the exhibition Tie Up, Draw Down curated by Natalie Campbell and Carissa Carman at the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design (CCCD), Asheville, NC.

90% of weaving happens before thread ever touches the loom. Indeed, the accumulation of warp over weft is only one of many actions, including drafting/design, winding, measuring, looping, counting, dyeing, knotting, setting tension, and others. These actions formed the inspiration and starting point for this exhibition.

Tie Up, Draw Down explores weaving as a source for experimentation across media, genres, concept, and scale. Of the fifteen contemporary artists included in this exhibition, many hybridize weaving technologies, weave “the wrong way,” or adapt and innovate weaving processes to encompass new media. Others do not weave at all, but find a rich avenue of inquiry within aspects or stages of weaving’s complex field.