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Lorraine O'Grady

Untitled (Crowd Watches Mlle Bourgeoise Noire Whipping Herself), performance, 1980-83/2009

Lorraine O'Grady included in the exhibition titled Unmoored Geographies: Works from the Permanent Collection At the Ulrich Museum of Art Wichita, KS.  

Exploring themes related to space and place, Unmoored Geographies showcases new acquisitions from the Ulrich Museum of Art’s permanent collection. While the individual works may differ in execution and concept, they all share a connection to the notion of movement and challenge the proposition of “place” as something that is fixed and final. Whether referencing geography, architecture, or time, each artist examines how our relationships to site, memory, and physical structures speak to where we, as viewers, stand in relation to them.

Given that the works within this installation reference topics that range from submerged histories and identities, to landscape, to the liminal positions that result from migration, to metaphysical states of being, to the site of the art museum, their movement through and around these issues suggests that our relationships to locations are always shifting. Highlighting works from emerging and established international artists based in countries that include the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Austria and the United Kingdom, the installation will feature works in video, sculpture, photography, and printmaking. 

Unmoored Geographies: Works from the Permanent Collection
Ulrich Museum
Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount Street, Wichita, KS 67260